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Using the Library Catalogue: Borrower information

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What is Borrower information?

Borrower Information provides details of:

  • items you have on loan and due date
  • requests you have made
  • any fines you have accrued

You can also renew your current loans and cancel requests.

Need help?

Contact the Library by phone, email or in person.

Accessing borrower information

To access your borrower information, log in to the catalogue and select Borrower information in the top right hand corner.

Renewing a loan

Items on loan to you are automatically renewed by the library prior to their due date, unless they have been requested by another user or you are nearing completion of your course. You can also renew items you have on loan manually. To renew:
  • Log in to Borrower Information
  • Click Renew All to renew all the items you have on loan, or, you can renew items individually.
  • If the item is renewed, it will display Renew successful with the new due date.

Cancelling a request

  • Log in to Borrower Information and select Requests.
  • Find the request you wish to cancel and under Actions click Cancel.
  • You will be asked to confirm this action. The request you deleted will no longer be displayed.

As a courtesy to other people, please cancel any requests you no longer require.