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Communication Skills COMS0001: Websites

This guide is for Canning College students enrolled in the Curtin unit Comm Skills 011

Evaluating websites

Not all the of the information you find on the internet is accurate, up-to-date and reliable.

It is important to evaluate your information before you decide to use it in your assignment.

Ask yourself:

- how relevant is it?

- is it current and up-to-date?

- is it published by a reputable author or organisation?

Learn more by completing our interactive tutorial Evaluating your resources

What type of website is it?

Always check the URL of a website to determine what type of site it is:

.edu or .ac : an academic institution, e.g.

.gov : a government body, e.g.

.org : a non-profit organisation, e.g.

.com or .co : a commercial body or company, e.g.

.net : an internet service provider, e.g.

Google Scholar

Search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.

If you are working off campus, once you have your search results:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to  Library Links located under Search results, search for 'Curtin'
  • Select 'Curtin University - Find It @ Curtin'
  • Save Preferences

    RSS Feeds

    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds help you keep up-to-date with information from websites without having to visit them.

    Updates to your favourite websites are 'fed' to you through a feed reader. Click on the links below to find out more:

    RSS feed readers

    Setting up RSS feeds