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Disseminate research findings: New to publishing


Australian universities are required to collate and submit their research output via two main reporting mechanisms:
Curtin's Office of Research & Development has the Research Performance Index (RPI) to reward researchers for research excellence and scholarship.
The various requirements together with the quality practices of the relevant discipline, should be considered when determining the most appropriate forum for disseminating your particular research findings.

Why you need a publishing strategy

Apart from the need to establish the credentials of the publication/publisher within its field of endeavour, the following should be carefully considered prior to commencement of the paper.
  • May only be permitted to submit a document to one journal at any time.
  • The acceptance rate for submissions can vary from 5% to 95%.
  • Allow time to rework or response to reviewers comments.
  • Turnabout time is critical as it may be several months resulting in 1 to 2 years interval until publication.
  • Wide dissemination of material is vital to increase citations.
  • Open access helps to maximise awareness of your work.

New to publishing

472570_10151031744817951_740105546_o by Ian Mercer

Choosing a trusted publisher & the right journal

Avoid deceptive publishers and scams. You can check to decide if a potential publisher is trustworthy.