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Disseminate research findings: Journal articles

Select a journal

There are many factors to consider when determining the most appropriate journals in which to publish your research.
  • Discipline relevance and reaching the desired target audience.
  • Journal quality or impact, often determined through use of metrics.
  • Prestige of the editorial team, contributors and journal circulation.
  • Open access policy, particularly if output is from a nationally or internationally competitively funded project (e.g. ARC, NHMRC, NIH)

Author information pages

Following the publisher's instructions to authors on the type of material they accept will increase the likelihood that your manuscript will be accepted. Many publishers will provide detailed information on their requirements and processes.

Publish a journal article

Video presentation by Dr L. Becker (University of Reading). View Part 2.

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Did you know...

Some journal publishers should be handled with caution and may not be trustworthy. Thinkchecksubmit has a checklist of criteria to consider.


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