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Disseminate research findings: Books

Choose a publisher

To be eligible for ERA books must be published by a commercial publisher or have undergone an independent peer-review prior to publication.  A commercial publisher is one for which the core business is producing books and distributing them for sale.


Print-on-demand, vanity press and companies that specialise primarily in the publication of theses are not considered commercial publishers. These publishers:
  • Exert little or no editorial control or peer-review process.
  • May refer to themselves as Joint Venture Publishers or Partnership Publishers.
  • Sometimes charge authors a fee for publishing their work.
  • Examples include VDM Publishing House and LAP Lambert Academic Press.


See the ERA website for further information.

Author information pages

Following the publisher's instructions to authors on the type of material they accept will increase the likelihood that your manuscript will be accepted. Many publishers will provide detailed information on their requirements and processes.

Marketing your book

Market your scholarly book by University Affairs Canada explains how your book is marketed after it is published and what you can do to help the sales of your own work.