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Disseminate research findings: Theses

Publish your thesis

As the owner of the copyright of your thesis, it is important to consider how you might disseminate your research findings to a wider audience.


Research students are required to submit a digital copy of the final version to the Library. Where possible, an open access version of the thesis will appear in:
Any approaches by commercial publishers to publish your thesis as is should be treated with caution, as the following article highlights.

Revise for commercial publication

Your thesis may provide a good starting point to publish a modified version.


From thesis to journal articles
  • Develop one or more chapters into a journal article, or series of articles.
  • Minor modifications to chapters that are self-contained e.g. a case study, to align with structure and standards of journal.
  • Identify the central theme or argument and write a new article, based on these ideas.
From thesis to monographs
  • Generally involves restructuring and reformatting and adding or removing content.
  • Necessary to make manuscript accessible to a broader readership.
  • This can be a very time consuming process (minimum 12 months).

Present your thesis

Could you condense the years of study and research dedicated to your thesis into a succinct presentation for a general audience? This can be a fantastic way to develop your communication skills and look at things from a new perspective.


Dance Your PhD is a contest sponsored by Science and AAAS. The competition challenges scientists around the world to explain their research through the most jargon-free medium available: interpretive dance.


Winner of the 2011 Dance Your PhD competition Joel Miller (University of Western Australia).

Did you know...

Higher degree by research students are required to submit a digital copy of the final version to the Library.


The New to research LibGuide has information on preparing your thesis for examination.