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Disseminate research findings: Introduction


Increasingly, academics are evaluated on their research output and list of publications. In order to maximise the impact of your research it is important to:
  • select an appropriate format and media
  • ensure it will reach the target audience
This LibGuide provides information and resources on sharing research findings in the most appropriate manner for your discipline and subject matter.

Scholarly communication

Scholarly communication encompasses the creation, evaluation, dissemination and preservation of research findings. The following diagram (adapted from Bjork (2007) demonstrates the many participants involved in the process.
Click on each of the stakeholders to see their contribution.



Scholarly communication stakeholders by Curtin Library

Library help

Staff and postgraduate students can contact their Faculty Librarian with all their research needs including:
  • finding relevant literature
  • purchasing library resources
  • locating relevant, high-quality journals
  • measuring research impact
  • increasing visibility of your research

Research quality and impact service

The Library provides information and advice on tools and methods to measure and maximise research impact and quality.
Contact your Faculty librarian for help.