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Drug Information: Starting your first assessment

How to do your first assessment

Drug Information for Contemporary Pharmacy Practice Assessment 1:  Critical appraisal and data synthesis

Step 1: Identify key concepts in your drug information enquiry and develop a search strategy. Click on the Plan your search tab above.

Step 2: Conduct your literature search in resources such as databases, the library catalogue, theses, pharmacopoeias, web sites etc. Click on the Pharmacy resources tab above.

Step 3: Critically evalutate the references you have identified as appropriate to answer your drug information enquiry. Click on the Critical appraisal tab above.

Step 4: Manage your references with EndNote using the Vancouver Curtin X6 referencing style. Click on the EndNote & referencing tab above.

Evaluating the literature

You will be undertaking a critical evaluation of the existing literature on a particular topic.

You will discover:

  • What research has already been undertaken in this area
  • The results and conclusions of existing research
  • How findings will inform your investigation

It is important to:

  • Include the most current research on the topic
  • Avoid outdated or discredited material
  • Present a broad and unbiased review
  • Analyseevaluate and contrast existing research
  • Examine design and methods, and the outcomes


Guides to assist with your evaluation are available from The Learning Centre and CBS Communication Skills Centre.

You may also wish to view the What is a literature review? tutorial created by the University of Sydney.