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Law: Legal commentary

Resources for legal research, writing and referencing.

Legal commentary services

Commentary services may be published in print form as looseleaf services as well as online. They provide very up-to date information on an area of law and can provide a thorough overview and analysis of a topic and include legislation, cases, rules, practice directions and commentary on the area by expert authors.

Practitioners often consult commentary from several publishers to inform their opinions.

Online commentary services are mostly provided by Australian legal publishers on their databases, such as in the examples selected below.

IntelliConnect (CCH)

  • Asia Business Guide - Singapore Commentary
  • Australian Contract Law Commentary
  • Australian Master Environment Guide
  • Australian Master Environmental Management Commentary
  • Australian Premium Master Tax Guide
  • Australian Torts Commentary
  • Australian Worker's Compensation Commentary
  • Lang's Commercial Leasing in Australia


  • Advocacy in Practice
  • Australian Corporation Practice
  • Civil Procedure WA
  • Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Electronic Evidence
  • Ford's Principles of Corporations Law
  • Halsbury's Laws of Australia
  • Jacob's Law of Trusts in Australia
  • Law of Agency
  • Statutory Interpretatation in Australia


  • Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice
  • Building and Construction Contracts in Australia
  • Computer Contracts
  • Crutchfield's Voluntary Administration
  • Lawyer's Practice Manual WA
  • McPherson's Law of Company Liquidation
  • Mining and Petroleum Legislation WA
  • Miller's Australian Competition and Consumer Law Annotated
  • Ross on Crime

Finding commentary in legal databases