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Indigenous Cultural Competency: Teaching & learning

Our courses

CAS offers a range of courses including the ones outlined below.  Click on each link to find out more about each type of course.

Indigenising the curriculum at Curtin

Staff at Curtin are working towards indigenising some of the undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Here are some examples of the research that has been done at Curtin.

Education and culture

Curtin has a long standing committment to Indigenous education and culture. The University's commitment to equity, inclusion, social justice and reconciliation has seen it work to:

  • implement plans for the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in some of its undergraduate courses and postgraduate coursework. For eg, Curtin has successfully included Indigenous perspectives in units relating to Nursing, Education and Social Work and has embedded on-country units into the curriculum as part of the Indigenous Cultural Capability Framework.
  • establish guidelines to manage the co-teaching of units between various schools and the Centre for Aboriginal Studies, with a view to increase the number of co-taught Indigenous units. For eg, the development of the award-winning Indigenous Cultures and Health Unit.
  • develop programs (eg Ways of Working) to promote understanding of Indigenous knowledge among staff
  • provide training for academic staff in Indigenous pedagogy so that they are competent to teach Indigenous studies, developing appropriate content, resources, teaching strategies and assessment methods
  • provide pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to enter every discipline at Curtin through the UniReady program.
  • the inclusion of KPIs around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander outcomes in the Executive Performance Management System and Faculty Plans.

For more information, visit IndigenousGovernance Policy and Principles for Implementation and Curtin's RAP.