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Indigenous Cultural Competency: Staff support

Benefits of Indigenous cultural awareness training

Indigenous cultural awareness training seeks to increase awareness of cultural differences. It is about recognising, appreciating, understanding and accepting these differences. This form of training can assist in:

  • helping gain an understanding of the history of Indigenous people and their issues                  
  • developing sensitivity to cultural differences
  • enhancing knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively   
  • appreciating the cultural diversity of Indigenous Australians                                                                 
  • helping people learn from others experiences
  • building positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • contribute in 'closing the gap' in and out of the workplace

Curtin staff training programs

Curtin University recognises the importance of cultural competence training for its staff as a way of promoting respect for diverse cultures. 

To support the ICC framework, Curtin advocates Indigenous cultural awareness training for all its staff. This is designed to engage staff in an on-going commitment to cultural competence.

The following workshops have been scheduled to bring practitioners and experts together to discuss best practice and share experiences.

More information on workshops and training sessions can be found via the Staff Portal by browsing for training in iPerform.