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Open access and espace: Publish in OA journal

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The following resources will help you find relevant journals in your area.

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Publish in an Open Access journal

Publishing in an Open Access journal is often referred to as Gold Open Access. With this model, the final peer-reviewed or published version of the article is freely available from publisher’s website.

There are various business models under which OA journals operate:

1. Fully OA journals
Articles are published in an OA journal and accessible online immediately. There are two types:

  • Fee-based OA journals require payment by the author - an article processing charge (APC).The APC can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • No-fee OA journals do not charge any author fees for publication. They are often published by universities, societies or research centres.


2. Hybrid journals
The author elects to pay for an article to be made openly accessible within a subscription journal. As publishers receive both subscriptions and OA fees, this is often referred to as 'double-dipping'.


3. Delayed OA journals
Content is initially accessible only to journal subscribers. After a specified embargo period the articles can be accessed free of charge.

Identify the best Open Access option for you

Finding the most appropriate journal(s) to publish your research in will be a process of weighing up a number of factors, both within and beyond your control.

Select from the headings below for information to help inform your decision.

                       What is the impact of the journal? What is the quality of the journal? What is the peer review process? How relevant is the journal? How quickly should the article be made available? Do you have funding to cover costs?


Open access considerations by Curtin Library