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Science Communications 1000 & GeoScience Communication 1002: Apps and websites

Google Search Tips

Include the word site to search for information within a specific top-level domain such as .org, .gov etc.

Examples: wind farming site:gov.auresearch development

You can also search for information within a single website.

Example: mining boom

Find related pages by including the word related.


For more search tips visit our Google and Google Scholar LibGuide or Google Help.

Try the Advanced Google Search!

Apps & mobile resources

Mobile Phone Smartphone App by geralt 

Mobile apps can be a useful study resource either as study tools or to find and view library content.

For more information visit our Apps & mobile resources guide.

The Library and the University have also produced a variety of apps for study:

Google Scholar

Search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.

If you are working off campus, once you have your search results:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to  Library Links located under Search results, search for 'Curtin'
  • Select 'Curtin University - Find It @ Curtin'
  • Save Preferences

    Useful websites

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    About websites

    Not all the of the information you find on the internet is accurate, up-to-date and reliable.

    It is important to evaluate your information before you decide to use it in your assignment.

    Ask yourself:

    - how relevant is it?

    - is it current and up-to-date?

    - is it published by a reputable author or organisation?

    Watch our video on Evaluating Information to find out more.

    Always check the URL of a website to determine what type of site it is:

    .edu or .ac : an academic institution, e.g.

    .gov : a government body, e.g.

    .org : a non-profit organisation, e.g.

    .com or .co : a commercial body or company, e.g.

    .net : an internet service provider, e.g.

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