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Research Data Management: Data management plan

Data management plan

A Data Management Plan documents how researchers plan to collect, store, secure and share their research data. Creating a plan at the beginning of the project will identify and address the main considerations. This will make it easier to identify what the key points are to address requirements of the research funding and publishing bodies.

A good data management plan is the basis for successful research. Managing the data effectively across the data lifecycle is very important for the success of the research project or postgraduate study. As a data management plan is a living document, it should be updated as the project develops and the data management strategy is refined.

Creating a data management plan

Curtin University's Research Data Management Planning Tool will guide you through the process of creating a data management plan. After creating a plan, you will be able to submit a request for central research data storage (the R: drive). The DMP Tool Help document gives assistance on common issues for researchers and supervisors using the tool

The fictitious example plans in the faculties of Science and Engineering, Curtin Business School, Health Sciences, Humanities, Centre for Aboriginal Studies and Vice-Chancellory linked below may provide assistance.


At Curtin University, data management plans are mandatory if a researcher:​​

  • Requires human or animal research ethics approval
  • Is an HDR (Higher Degree by Research) student
  • Would like access to the R: drive 

    Questions to consider when creating a data plan

These questions to consider were adapted from the Australian Research Data Commons (ADRC) advice on data management planning.

Funder requirements

Funding agencies recognise the value of sharing research data and many agencies require submission of a data management plan in grant proposals.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) is a Commonwealth entity, which plays an important role in the provision of Government support for research in Australia. Since 2014, the ARC has required funding applications for National Competitive Grants to:

Outline plans for the management of data produced as a result of the proposed research, including but not limited to storage, access and re-use arrangements.

While the ARC is not asking for a full data management plan, having developed a plan will help to address this section. When addressing this section:

  • Provide a synopsis or the key points of the data management plan.
  • Customise response to the specific project and discipline area.
  • Demonstrate how the management, in particular sharing and re-use, of the data will add value.

Please note however that while the ARC strongly encourage the sharing of data, the rules are not mandating open data.

Watch a recording of the Australian Research Data Commons (ADRC) webinar on Supporting changes to the ARC funding rules or view their Guide to filling in the data management section in ARC grant applications.​

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