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International Relations: Referencing guides

APA 6th Edition

The library holds other referencing resources for those requiring more information.

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What is referencing?

When you write an assignment or essay, it is very important to acknowledge the source of anyone else's ideas that you have used or mentioned in your work.

You need to reference the direct quotations, facts and figures, as well as the ideas and theories that you use.

The reader is then able to find the original source of the information to check it or follow up a point. 

There are different 'styles' of referencing. Find style guides and examples for APA 6th ed, Chicago 16B Author-Date, Vancouver, and the Australian Guide to Legal Citation in our Referencing Guide

Referencing tip

When reading a source (book, book chapter, journal article, document on the web, etc.) always note down its bibliographic details at the time so you can use it later in your assignment. You will need the author, title, year, publication details and URL. It will save you time!

More referencing resources