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Teaching Support: How do I import a library package?

What learning resources can I link to?

The library's learning resources consist of interactive tutorials, subject guides and multidisciplinary guides.

Insert the links throughout your unit wherever appropriate. For example, you could:

Library resource package

Click the Library resource package link above and save the package to your desktop, ready for importing into your Blackboard unit.

How to import a library package

1. In your Blackboard unit, go to Course Management - Control Panel.

2. Click on Packages and Utilities and select Import package / View Logs


3. This will bring up the Import Package/ View logs page. 

4.  Click on Import Package         


5. At Select a Package, use the browse function to locate the zip file you imported to your desktop.


6. At Select Course Materials check the Content Areas box.


7. Click Submit to complete the import.

8. You will receive an email to inform you the package has been imported. It should then be available under Library Resources in the course menu.