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Teaching Support: Add a LibGuide to your course menu

What is a LibGuide?

LibGuides bring together relevant information and learning resources, specific to a particular area of study, in a single location.

Subject LibGuides

Find the relevant subject guide by browsing by Faculty

Multi-disciplinary LibGuides

Creating LibGuides as handouts

All of our LibGuides can be made print friendly by clicking on the Print Guide or Print Page link that appears at the top of the Guide.



How do I add the relevant LibGuide?

You can include the subject guide (or unit-specific guide) that is most relevant to your unit as a link in your course menu.

To do this:

1. Locate the relevant guide by browsing in the Subject LibGuides box (left column on this page)

2. Copy the guide's URL

3. In the Course Menu on the left panel (in grey), point your cursor at the plus sign button (see red arrow).

4. Select Web Link.

5. Type a name for the link (eg Architecture LibGuide) and paste the URL.

6. Check/tick the Available to Users check box to enable users to see the link on the Course Menu, then click Submit.

Students can now easily access relevant library resources through their subject guide.