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Teaching Support: All about Blackboard

In this section

In this section, you will find out how library resources can be imported and embedded in Blackboard to support learning and teaching at Curtin.

You will find out how to:

  • Import the complete library package
  • Add a LibGuide to your course menu
  • Embed i-tutorials in your unit 

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Our package makes importing library resources easy!

A convenient way to add library resources to your unit is to import our Blackboard 'package' of generic resources directly into your unit as a content area in your course menu.

You can then add other library resources such as subject guides and copy individual items to locations where they will be most useful to students.

See here for information on importing the Library resource package.

What is in the Library package?

Our generic library package consists of the following resources:

    Request a customized package

    Let us know which of our learning resources you would like to include in your unit, and we will send you a zip file ready to import.

    Please contact us on 9266 2145, or email the relevant faculty team:


    Library-Health Sciences


    Library-Science and Engineering