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Teaching Support: Information literacy program

Subject LibGuides

Subject LibGuides have been created for all Schools. If you would like a LibGuide created for a unit or course, please contact your Faculty Librarian.

Workshops and classes

The library holds free workshops - ranging from improving research skills to how to use Endnote (Curtin's chosen referencing software).

Tailored face to face sessions

We can deliver lectures and run training sessions on specific topics. If you would like to arrange a class, please contact (08) 9266 7166.


Through our LibGuides the library offers a range of online learning resources, interactive tutorials and workshops that are designed to help students develop information and research skills.

Each LibGuide is customised to provide easy access to the most relevant resources for your subject area.

Individual guides and interactive tutorials are easily embedded into online Blackboard units when and where students need them the most.


You are looking at a LibGuide now!!

 You can find the other guides here.                                                                                  Reading email by Toms Baugis


If you have a suggestion for a LibGuide please contact your Faculty Librarian.