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Curtin Pathway Students: Journals, newspapers & databases

What is a journal article?

Journals are similar to magazines as they are both published regularly (e.g. monthly).

Articles in journals are more in-depth and well-researched than magazine articles. They are written by experts and often report the author's research.

Many journal articles are only available online through journal databases.


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What is a database?

Journal databases are huge, searchable, current indexes to journal articles. Many provide the full article and some include magazine and newspaper articles (e.g. ProQuest, Business Source Complete). Some only provide company information and financial data (e.g. Datamonitor 360, Bloomberg, Kompass, Singapore 1000).

Database help you to find recent, quality journal articles on a  topic.

Start your search with the large ProQuest database (provided by Curtin Library). There are also databases available to registered users through the Singapore National Library Board's (NLB) e-resources system.

Databases @ Curtin

Databases from the Singapore National Library Board

Registering for online access

To access the Singapore National Library Board's online databases and magazines, you must first become a public library member. You can then register to become a Digital Library member to access online resources from home or in a library. See the link below for more information:

Online news sources

Use this link to browse recent online newspapers.