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Metallurgical Engineering: Literature reviews

Literature review ebooks

How to find literature reviews

If you are looking for examples of published literature reviews, there are a few basic techniques you could use:

  • Search the library catalogue using your topic keywords and the term "literature review", eg

                                    "engineering" AND "literature review"

  • Some databases (eg ProQuest, etc) allow you to search on "reviews" or "literature review" under document type.  Do a topic search, then refine your results to "reviews" or "literature review" by clicking in the box next to 'document type'
  • Search review journals such as Annual Reviews as these tend to focus specifically on reviews only


Here is a list of important tips that you might want to note when undertaking a literature review:

  • Engage in an effective and comprehensive literature search
  • Use the major publications in the field - there are so many articles available on your research topic.  You need to be selective in what you use, so select the best in that field
  • Ensure you critically evaluate the literature; don't just summarize it!
  • References - keep bibliographical records of all sources referred to


Before starting your literature review, you may wish to look at a sample of  theses .  

Theses: Printed theses are housed in the library at Bentley JCPML and some in Kalgoorlie while others are available online through eSpace. For more information, check out the library website on Theses


Useful Libguides

The following LibGuides have been created specifically for Literature reviews

Useful websites

The following websites provide some useful material on literature reviews: