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Professional Writing and Publishing: Web resources

Evaluating websites

Not all the of the information you find on the internet is accurate, up-to-date and reliable.   

It is important to evaluate your information before you decide to use it in your assignment..  Consider the following:

  • how relevant is it?
  • is it current or up-to-date?
  • is the author qualified to write on the subject?
  • is it published by a reputable organisation?                                                                                              

Learn more by completing our interactive tutorial Evaluating your resources.

Always check the domain name (suffix or the url) of a website to determine who is hosting the site.  

This will give you some indication of how reliable the information is, eg:


.edu or .ac : an academic institution, e.g.

.gov : a government body, e.g.

.org : a non-profit organisation, e.g.

.com or .co : a commercial body or company, e.g.

.net : an internet service provider, e.g.


Featured website

Writing WA... is the peak body for writing and associated activities in WA.  It celebrates literary creators provides a range of services to support emerging practitioners, and brings West Australian writing to new audiences. Membership includes creators, professional associations, producers and consumers (like libraries!).


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