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Foundations for Professional Health Practice: Find credible websites

Search tip!

You can limit a Google search to specific websites by entering site: and specifying the domain e.g. cancer will look for cancer information on Australian government websites.

How do I know it is credible?

The following questions can help you decide if it is a credible source:

Who is the author/owner of the site?
Is it a government agency? Commercial company? Organisation? Personal webpage? What authority do they have on the subject?

What is the intent of the website?
Are they trying to sell a product or service? Are they putting forward a particular viewpoint on the subject? Is there any bias or conflict of interest?

Is the content current?
Has it been published recently? Is there a copyright or last updated date on the website?

Is supporting evidence provided?
Are references/sources of information included to support claims made on the website?

Evaluating resources for your assignment

What type of site is it?

.edu - educational institution

.ac -   academic site

.comcommercial site

.govgovernment site



Sites with a ~ in the address usually indicate a personal website