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Foundations for Professional Health Practice: Find journal articles

Why use journal articles?

  • Very current and up-to-date
  • Report the latest research, surveys and statistics
  • Are written about detailed aspects of a topic
  • May include case studies (actual examples)

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (side) by

Search tip!

When searching the databases, look for options to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles.

Editorial, review & original articles

1. Analyse your topic

Complete our interactive tutorial on Analysing your assignment topic.

2. Create a search strategy

View the sample search strategy then complete page 1 of the search strategy worksheet for your own assignment topic.

3. Choose a database

Choose a relevant database to search. You can access a listing of subject specific databases through the Health Sciences LibGuides under the Search for journal articles tab. Some useful databases for health are listed below:

4. Search the database

Watch our video on Searching the Library databases: 

Next search your chosen database yourself! You can record your searches on page 2 of the search strategy worksheet.

Search tip!

If the full text of an article isn't available in the database you are searching, click the Find-it link to see if it is available in another database.