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Foundations for Professional Health Practice: Find journal articles

Why use journal articles?

  • Very current and up-to-date
  • Report the latest research, surveys and statistics
  • Are written about detailed aspects of a topic
  • May include case studies (actual examples)

Search tip!

When searching the databases, look for options to limit your search to peer reviewed articles.

1. Plan your search

Complete our interactive tutorial on planning your search strategy:

2. Create a search strategy

View the sample search strategy then complete page 1 of the search strategy worksheet for your own assignment topic.

3. Choose a database

Choose a relevant database to search. You can access a listing of subject specific databases through the Health Sciences LibGuides under the Search for journal articles tab. Some useful databases for health are listed below:

4. Search the database

Next search your chosen database yourself! You can record your searches on page 2 of the search strategy worksheet.

Search tip!

If the full text of an article isn't available in the database you are searching, click the Find-it link to see if it is available in another database.