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Apps & mobile resources: Humanities

Mobile sites

iPhone 4.0 by Robert Scoble  

Many databases that Curtin subscribes to have mobile sites to allow better viewing of content from a mobile device.

To get to a mobile version of a website, there is usually nothing in particular that you have to do. If the website has a mobile version, devices such as smartphones and tablets are generally auto-detected and automatically directed to the mobile version of the site. 

Know of a great app?

If you know of an app or mobile resource you think would be great on this page, let us know!

Research apps

These apps are freely available. Some provide the option to access full-text content that is available through the Curtin Library subscriptions. Click on the information icon next to the links for instructions.

Anthropology Spotlight iPhone/iPad app

Watch this brief video on the features of the Anthropology Spotlight app by Wiley Publishing.

Featured app: 3D Classic Literature Collection

3D Classic Literature Collection provides you with a selection of classics (unabridged editions) by Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Brontë, Mark Twain and more.

Every book has been recreated in 3D, can be taken from the shelf and opened at any page. Other features include bookmarking, swiping left/right to turn pages and sorting the bookshelf by author or title. Paid app.