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Industrial Relations (Australian): Legislation

Types of Acts

In general, there are different types of Acts:

Principal Act - the original Act passed by Government. Also called a Numbered Act or Sessional Act

Amending Acts  or amendments - these Acts make changes to the Principal Act and should be read together with the Principal Act

Reprinted Acts or reprints - incorporate in the Principal Act all the changes made by Amending Acts. Online, these are called consolidations or compilations

Acts in force - acts that have become part of law and deemed operational

Ceased Acts - legislation that is no longer in forcehaving been repealed, expired, revoked or superseded

Finding Commonwealth legislation

Finding Western Australian legislation

Finding legislation of other Australian states

Link to these government websites to find their legislation, Bills and Subordinate Legislation

Finding legislation on a topic

To identify relevant legislation on a topic, start with secondary sources.

See the Secondary sources tab in the Law Libguide for more on finding information on a topic in:

  • Textbooks and course materials
  • Legal dictionaries and encyclopaedias
  • Books and e-books
  • Commentaries
  • Journal articles


Parliament House,Canberra by Wilson Afonso Attribution

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