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How to find...: Newspapers & media sources

News aggregators and feeds

News aggregators are websites that collect news on subjects of interest to the individual from a wide range of international resources. A personal profile is not necessary, but allows you to target articles on more subjects of interest than a guest profile allows.

Start the day

 Newspaper and glasses by Dominique Godbout

Print newspapers

Robertson Library has newspapers available in the level 2 lounge, where you can sit and browse various local and international newspapers. These newspapers are updated daily and held in this section for one month. Titles include:

  • The Australian
  • The West Australian
  • The Australian Financial Review
  • The Koori Mail 

Archived copies of some of the above newspapers, and others, are available in microform format on Level 4 of Robertson Library.

For assistance in accessing these, please ask at the Enquiries Desk.