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Introductory Economics: Books & High Demand

Featured books

Featured e-book

Click on the book  above, select 'Online Resource' and login with your Curtin ID and password to view it online.

Finding High Demand items

Find your high demand readings

 The High Demand Collection holds books, videos and photocopies selected by lecturers as required reading for their units. These items are in high demand and can only be borrowed on a short-term basis.

 Find books

Next use the library catalogue search box below to find other books and resources on your topic. Begin by simply typing in some keywords. If you get too many results you can then narrow your search.


For more information, see Search on a topic in the Using the Library Catalogue LibGuide. 

Not sure where to start?

Before you start searching for books or articles, try our interactive tutorial on Analysing your assignment topic.

You will need Adobe Flash Player 8 or above to view these tutorials.

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Locations and floor plans

Have you found an item in the catalogue but don't know where to find it on the shelves? Click on the Available at link in the catalogue. You will see the level where the book is at and a shelf number.

You can access floor plans of the Robertson library (the main library) and a guide to subject area shelf numbers (sorted by Dewey numbers) below.