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Introductory Economics: Referencing

CBS referencing support

If you are a CBS student, you can find help from the Academic Communication Development team. They provide free workshops and resources to help with academic writing, referencing, communication and study skills.

You can find more help and advice below.

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The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) pinpoints one specific article among all those published electronically, by all publishers. A live DOI link can lead you to the full text of the article, if your library has a subscription to the electronic journal it is published in. To create a link using a DOI, you can use the DOI itself preceded by the text

For example:

There are different styles of referencing assignments. Check your unit outline or ask your tutor to find the correct style to use.

You can download guides to some commonly used styles at Curtin:

Copyright protects an author's work from unauthorised copying. All Curtin staff and students must comply with copyright legislation.

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What is referencing?

Referencing acknowledges the ideas and information sources you have used in assignments.

Quotes, facts and figures, ideas and theories must be referenced. If you include parts of someone else's work without referencing them, you could be accused of plagiarism.

Please explore this page for referencing information. You can also view the Referencing LibGuide for more help.

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