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Mining Engineering: Journals

What is a journal article?

Journals are similar to magazines in that they are published regularly (e.g. monthly).

Articles in journals are more in-depth and well-researched than magazine articles. They are written by experts in a particular field of study, and are based on the author's research.

Most of the library's journal articles are accessed electronically through the journal databases.

To learn more about searching for journals and journal articles, see:

Search for a journal

find an articleFind an article 

Use this when you know the exact title of the journal article you're looking for.


find an articleFind an e-journal 

Browse for an e-journal in the Curtin collection by title or subject area.


find an articleSearch a database 

To find articles on a specific topic, you need to search a database.

Annotated Bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a bibliography of material on a subject and includes a note or 'annotation' after each entry. The annotations are about that entry and gives added information for the reader. It can include your own comments on the material.

Check out this great link from the University of NSW

or this guide, with further links from the University of Wollongong

How to find peer-reviewed articles in databases

Some databases have an option to limit your search results to only include peer-reviewed journals, e.g. ProQuest:

If you know the title of the journal, you can use Ulrichs to find out whether the journal is refereed (peer-reviewed).