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Management: Country & industry reports

Online reference works

Online encyclopedias and databases give background information on a country's history, geography, population and culture.  Be sure to check how current the information is.

Need help with Factiva & Orbis?

If you need some help to search Factiva, see our interactive tutorial on Searching Factiva for company information

You can also contact us.

If you need some help searching Orbis for company information, see the tutorial on:


Country and Industry reports

This is a great source for business articles, news reports and industry and country reports.

To find industry reports:

  • Click on the Browse link at the top of the ProQuest homepage
  • Under Industry and Market Research, click on Business Monitor International (BMI) Industry Reports
  • You have the option of browsing numerous industries by subject, location or title

To find reports on business conditions in different countries:

  • Click on the Browse link at the top of the ProQuest homepage
  • Under Country Reports, click on the links of interest
  • From the Business Source Complete homepage, under the section Limit your results, look for Publication Type
  • Scroll down and select the publication type of interest, for example, Country Report
  • Enter your search terms (see examples under 'Finding books') and click 'Search'
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Finding resources about a country in...

Search the library's catalogue for books to help you to analyse a country's business environment.Use specific keywords.
Suggested searches include:

[country] economic conditions 
[country] industrial relations
[country] culture
[country] information technology
[country] government
[country] business enterprises
[country] small business

If you don't find enough information about a country, search with keywords for the region, e.g. Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, developing countries, etc.

To ensure you are searching for print or online books that are available in Curtin Library follow these catalogue search steps:

  • From the Library homepage, under the catalogue search box, click on 'More search options'
  • Change the drop down box from 'All Collections' toBooks, DVDs, etc.
  • Type your search terms.
  • On the left hand side of the results screen, you canrefine your results to just books.

For more HELP on searching the Library catalogue, have a look at the Library's interactive tutorial: Using the Library catalogue. 

The Factiva database provides the full text of current and past years' articles for most international and Australian newspapers.
NOTE:  There is a limit to six simultaneous users for Factiva so if you can't access the database when you try to log in, try again later.

To find newspaper articles in Factiva, follow these steps:

  • On the left hand side of the Factiva homepage, click on'Source' - a search box will appear.
  • Type in the title of the newspaper you wish to search - eg. - The West Australian and highlight it
  • You can also limit to Publications by region and highlight the region from a list e.g. Australia
  • In the 'Free Text' search box, enter your search terms - e.g. - Lloyd Rayney; trade unions, business outlook etc
  • A list of articles containing your search terms will appear.
  • Click on a title of interest for the full text of the article.

ABYZ News Links
This is a good, free site for finding current articles from many newspaper and media links on the internet.


Journal articles can provide recent, scholarly information about a country's changing environment.  Search for articles in the Library catalogue, or directly through business databases.

To find journal articles using the Library catalogue:

  • Enter your search terms into the catalogue search box (see some examples of search terms under Finding books).
  • On the results page, under Refine My Results, click onArticles.
  • Click on the title of an article you are interested in, then on the Online Resource tab.
  • You will either be taken directly to the article, or to a 'Find it' screen - follow the links to see if the article is in another database or in the Library in print.

To find journal articles in Library databases check the information in the Journals & databases tab.

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Finding Company information

The following company information is available to you:

  • Annual reports
  • Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) reports
  • Corporate citizenship reports
  • Sustainability reports
  • Investors' reports

To find these, you can:

1) Search some of the library's company information databases (see Finding company information box).
2) Search a company's website directly.

You can find information such as annual reports, corporate social responsibility (CSR) statements, news, market research and ownership for individual companies. Industry reports such as Datamonitor and Business Monitor International are also available. Some databases below allow you to download and/or manipulate data.

Another useful way to find company information is direct from the company website. Look for links to areas such as annual reports, shareholder information, investor's sections, latest announcements, latest media releases, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, about us etc.

Watch these short video tutorials to learn how to use Curtin Library's financial, company and industry databases.