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Management: Company information

Company information

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If you need some help searching Orbis for company information, see the tutorial on:

Finding Company information

The following company information is available to you:

  • Annual reports
  • Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) reports
  • Corporate citizenship reports
  • Sustainability reports
  • Investors' reports

To find these, you can:

1) Search some of the library's company information databases (see Finding company information box).
2) Search a company's website directly.

You can find information such as annual reports, corporate social responsibility (CSR) statements, news, market research and ownership for individual companies. Industry reports such as Datamonitor and Business Monitor International are also available. Some databases below allow you to download and/or manipulate data.

Another useful way to find company information is direct from the company website. Look for links to areas such as annual reports, shareholder information, investor's sections, latest announcements, latest media releases, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, about us etc.

Watch these short video tutorials to learn how to use Curtin Library's financial, company and industry databases.



Factiva is a great source of news and information on Australian and international companies. To find company information:

  • Click the Companies/Markets tab and then click ‘Company’.
  • Type the name of your company in the ‘Company Name’ box and hit ‘enter’.
  • Click on the name for general information about the company.
  • Click ‘News’ to find a list of recent newspaper articles on the company.
  • In the ‘Reports’ section you can find a comparison with other companies in its industry.

If you need some help to search Factiva, see our interactive tutorial on Searching Factiva for company information

You can also contact us.