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iSoLT - Innovation and Scholarship of Learning & Teaching: Ethics

Consideration for iSoLT research ethics

There are four key areas of the form that are particularly important for you to think about for your SoLT research.

1. Research involving Curtin students and staff

Curtin Survey Approvals needs to be alerted if you are using Curtin students in your research. See the Curtin Survey Approvals Flowchart for more information.

If you are using a survey in your research, "Exploring ethical issues associated with using online surveys in educational research" provides some useful tips to consider.

2. Informed consent

As part of you project, you will be required to develop and hand out a Participant Information Sheet (PIS) to all participants and make sure that they clearly understand the nature of your research and what they will be involved in if they choose to participate.

Examples of a Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form for SoLT based research.

3. Unequal power relationships

The unequal power relationship of student/lecturer and the seeking of consent means that it is important that the choice to participate is made by the participant and that they are not influenced by pressure from those in positions of unequal power.

4. Research Data Management plan

You will be required to create a research data management plan as part of your project. Curtin has developed a tool to assist this process. More information on research data management can be found in the Research data management LibGuide and the tool itself can be found at:

An example of a Research Data Management Plan for SoLT based research can be found here.

Useful ethics resources

The AHRECS SoLT HREC Manual aims to support ethical decision making and to assist SoLT researchers and reviewers in how to review SoLT research. The document provides useful information on risks and benefits of SoLT research, recruitment and consent, privacy and confidentiality and also provides some case study exemplars.

Use the following links to see examples of a completed ethics application for SoLT based research and research proposal.