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Recent articles in Health Sciences

Brown J. & McCrorie P. (2015). The iPad: Tablet technology to support nursing and midwifery student learning: An evaluation in practice. Computers, informatics, nursing: CIN: 33 (3): 93-98.

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Disseminating your research is an essential component of the SoLT process, allowing for peer review, contribution to the field of knowledge and also provides the foundation for future research. SoLT research can be disseminated in journal articles, books or conference presentations. If you are looking for a SoLT or discipline specific journal to publish in, head on over to the “Journals” tab.

The Curtin library has a useful guide on dissemination of research findings. Click here to go to the guide.


T&L forum

Curtin Health Sciences was extremely well represented at the recent Teaching & Learning Forum including the following presentations:

  • Shaping learning and practice in nursing education: An innovative case-based approach. Anna Bosco, Anna Fagence and Kristi Holloway
  • Formative testing online: Will students use them, what will they use most, and do they help their success? Julianne Crowley
  • Introducing StatHand: A mobile application supporting students' statistical decision making. Peter Allen, Lynne Roberts, and Frank Baughman.


Curtin University, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work.Ph.D

Curtin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery. M.Phil