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iSoLT - Innovation and Scholarship of Learning & Teaching: Resources

Why scholarship matters in higher education

Probert states “…one of the most important changes in Australian higher education of the last decade has been the adoption of scholarly approaches to the practice of teaching…”1. Read more about why scholarship matters in higher education by following the link below.

1. Probert, B. (2014). Why Scholarship Matters in Higher Education. Australian Government Office for Teaching and Learning.

Useful resources

Recent articles on SoLT and higher education research.

Wilson-Doenges, G., Troisi, J. D., & Bartsch, R. A. (2016). Exemplars of the gold standard in SoTL for psychology. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 2(1), 1.

Bearman M., Smith, C.D., Carbone, A., Slade, S., Baik, C., Hughes-Warrington, M., & Neumann, D. L. 2012. Systematic review methodology in higher education. Higher Education Research & Development, 31(5): 625-640.

Vardi, I. &  Quin, R. (2011). Promotion and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Higher Education Research and Development. 30 (1): 39-49.

Vardi, I. (2011). The changing relationship between the Scholarship of Teaching (and Learning) and universities. Higher Education Research and Development. 30 (1): 1-7.

Tight, M. (2012). Higher education research 2000-2010: Changing journal publication patterns. Higher Education Research & Development, 31 (5): 723-740.

Tight, M. (2014). Working in separate silos? What citation patterns reveal about higher education research internationally. Higher Education. 68: 379-395.

The Doing the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching : Measuring Systematic Changes to Teaching and Improvements in Learning Special Issue focuses on designing SoLT studies, analysing learning data, SoLT ethics, writing and publishing for SoLT.

The Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching resource library of good practice reports provide a summative evaluation of useful outcomes and good practices from previous OLT projects and fellowships on key topics in higher education.

You can also find reports and many useful resources on the OLT resource library /good-practice.

Use the keyword search bar and filters on the left hand side to filter the resources relevant to your project/discipline.

6. Kern, B., G. Mettetal, M. D. Dixson, and R. K. Morgan. 2015. "The Role of SoTL in the Academy: Upon the 25th Anniversary of Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered."  Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 15 (3):1-14.

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Professional development

The Faculty of Health Sciences continues to develop workshops for 2016 for staff with teaching responsibilities. Please contact Helen Flavell for more information.

You can also keep up to date with what is happening in the SoLT space by reading the “Ask me about SoLT” section in the monthly Faculty newsletter. You will find current information for those involved in SoLT, including recently published articles, upcoming conferences, etc.

See Curtin’s Professional Learning Calendar for upcoming professional development events.


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